Spill the Tea

Loose leaf tea is usually higher quality than tea bags.  Loose tea is made from whole tea leaves that have been minimally processed, thus providing superior flavor, aroma and essential oils as they are brewed. Most tea bags are filled with the leftover dust and fannings from broken tea leaves. The stuff that remains after the quality leaves have been used for loose tea is what goes into the bags. When brewing, you’ll get the best aroma and flavor if you give the tea leaves room to unfurl and release their goodness. Some bags contain chemicals which can leech into your tea. Even without chemicals, many impart a paper flavor. Many tea bags are sealed with plastic that may leech into your tea as well. Loose tea releases more antioxidants, minerals and nutrients than the more processed tea bag. Since bagged tea is made up of smaller parts and dust, it will lose freshness faster than whole tea leaves. Lastly, tea bags are stored in warehouses for months or years at a time so the freshness and the risk of mold and dust in the tea bags are also a concern.