About Us


Ink Black Cat Apothecary was conceptualized from a simple drawing inspired by a cat pedant pin. The idea of products that are handcrafted with natural simple ingredients began to take shape. The decision to live a more sustainable natural lifestyle fueled the passion to share our products with our community. 







Get to know your Herbalist:

Susanne has always been interested in the healing benefits of plants. A gardening enthusiast at heart and a formally trained chef, Susanne had a great start to becoming an herbalist. She wanted more than just formulating recipes. Susanne became a licensed Esthetician at Cinta Aveda Institute in San Francisco. With Ayurvedic teachings for skincare, she gained better knowledge to treat the skin with natural remedies. Susanne found herself spending hours reading labels, studying ingredients, and all the information listed on skincare product labels. She was overwhelmed by how many toxic products lined the shelves of major stores. Most skin conditions she encountered were caused by the toxic ingredients in the product claiming to eliminate the unwanted conditions. Therefore, Susanne began making the transition to use natural products. Slowly, she was able to see the benefits. She would create her own concoctions and have family members test them, thus her personal apothecary began to grow. However, Susanne did not want to stop there. She is on a mission to create the most simple, clean, natural products to address any external minor skin issues and aid the body on the inside with the help of plants that have always been intended to heal us.